From the recording Couldn't Do This On My Own

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'Girls, Beer, Utes & Rodeo', was written by Ali S and Matt Scullion. It pretty well sums up 4 of my favourite things and depicts life in Outback Australia. A massive shout out to all the awesome photos sent in from people around Australia, a real showcase of life in the Outback.
A big 'Thank you' to the artists involved in making this song come to life, especially my co-writter Matt Scullion and my producer Simon Johnson.
'Girls, Beer, Utes & Rodeo' features- Mik McCartin on Drums, Simon Johnson on Bass, Glen Hannah on Acoustic and electric guitars, Tim Crouch on Fiddle, ‘Mr Mike’ on Steel, Liam Kennedy-Clark on Piano and Brendon Radford- Backing Vocals. Mastered by Jeff McCormack.
I hope you enjoy, 'Girls, Beer, Utes & Rodeo.